False Pass June 2019

Got settled in to my container home in Legoland, starting to get in a lot of fish! Keeping us all busy, learning a new role that I’ll be taking over when I return from my short two week vacation back home that I’m on now, as I write this.

The past month, there have been a lot of Bear and wolf sightings. Some close enough to us as they wander around our galley and through the housing units. I haven’t seen any but the one. However they are there.

It’s been raining a lot. I call the river that was running through LEGOland the False Pass river. Had water in my unit on two different Days.

A ferry stopped in town and a couple of us went aboard to celebrate a coworkers birthday. False Pass has no restaurants so it was a treat to order from the Ferry restaurant!

Didn’t get a lot of pictures for the month of June, really just wet and dirty! Did get some cute xtratufs đŸ™‚

We had no flights for over a week. I flew out Friday afternoon after two flight cancellations because of fog. We managed to get a charter from Anchorage to come and get 7 of us who were wanting to leave. Here are a couple of pictures. I swear the landing strips keep getting smallerGot to ride copilot on the way to Fort Alsworth, where we switched planes into Merril Airport, then cab it over to Anchorage airport to catch the redeye back to Seattle. Glad to. E home!!! I return to False Pass in 14 days….

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