False Pass July-September 2019

July – started saying goodbye to some pretty great people. Fishing is such a hit or miss business, just like any other natural resource.

Their plane was fully loaded as you can tell by the tail end of the small plane on the dirt.

Went for a skiff ride across the strait with my friend Matt. When it’s sunny out it is so beautiful 😍

Went and took pictures with the beautiful purple fireweed that pops up everywhere. Ate some delicious salmon berries πŸ˜‹

Took the Polaris out and explored some more. Not very often we can get out and explore with all the bears and wolves out there!

Also pretty excited I’m going to be an aunt again, my little sister found out while I was gone she is going to have a little girl in January 😍❀️

Glad to be back in Washington, headed to Seattle tonight to start working out of Corporate for a little bit. But first my friends wedding πŸ’•

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