False Pass, AK March 27, 2019

Left Kodiak, AK in the early morning of Memorial Day. Sad day met so many great people. Flew out of Kodiak on a 747 Alaska Airlines jet. Got to sit with one of my co-workers who was on her way home to see her family, I really wanted to be her. However, we landed in Anchorage and went out separate ways. Next I Boarded Raven Jet, had 30 passengers all which were fisherman or some sort of fisheries type job, so off we went, landed in Cold Bay. Part went off to King Cove and 9 of us boarded a Grant Aviation plane. Smallest by far that I have been in. Ride was pretty smooth, only a half hour flight so wasn’t too bad. On our way down to land I couldn’t see the landing strip. It was super short and was gravel, coming in hot we skidded to a stop! 😳 upon arrival one of the office ladies came and picked me and we drove down a couple of miles on a muddy road reminded me of a logging road. Finally pulling in to Trident Seafoods property. She checks me in to my room, made from a container. The bunkhouse area that I am in is known as LEGO Land. Each room is named after a fish. My room is called Sablefish. It’s small, single bed, closet, chair, table with a lamp, sink, toilet, and shower. Exciting long first day. Unpack and hit the hay! 😃 view from my door!

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