False Pass July-September 2019

July – started saying goodbye to some pretty great people. Fishing is such a hit or miss business, just like any other natural resource. Their plane was fully loaded as you can tell by the tail end of the small plane on the dirt. Went for a skiff ride across the strait with my friend […]

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False Pass June 2019

Got settled in to my container home in Legoland, starting to get in a lot of fish! Keeping us all busy, learning a new role that I’ll be taking over when I return from my short two week vacation back home that I’m on now, as I write this. The past month, there have been […]

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Last night in Kodiak

Well all packed up and ready to leave Kodiak in the morning. It amazing how much stuff you can acquire in only a few short months. Barely could zip up my bags 😄 Over the weekend, working of course! Got to take the time to adventure out to Crabfest! Sampled some great food, talked with […]

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May 18, 2019

Walking back from the galley after lunch. Stumbled across a fundraiser for Cancer. The Pink Firetruck “Miss Linda” was introduced over five years ago and named in honor of one of the captains mothers who had died of breast cancer. The fire truck comes to all the cancer walks as well as greets visitors off […]

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Star of Kodiak

Today I got to go up on to the ship that that was originally named the Albert M Boe, constructed in Portland Maine. It was launched in 1945 and only had one year as an active military ship and saw very little action. The ship sailed up from Portland Oregon to Kodiak as an improvised […]

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Kodiak Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year I was in Kodiak instead of at home with my mom! She has been the biggest supporter in all my crazy adventures and my best friend! It was definitely different being away from home. The ladies at work gathered around and had a Mother’s Day lunch in the upstairs break […]

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Easter Weekend in Kodiak

Went out to Old Rivers Inn Restaraunt, had a delicious filet mignon and halibut poppers 😋 started to snow a little as you can tell by some white flakes in my hair. ❤️❄️ Can’t wait to get out and see some more stuff. Looks like I’ll be here til end of May and then False […]

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