May 18, 2019

Walking back from the galley after lunch. Stumbled across a fundraiser for Cancer. The Pink Firetruck “Miss Linda” was introduced over five years ago and named in honor of one of the captains mothers who had died of breast cancer. The fire truck comes to all the cancer walks as well as greets visitors off the ferry ❤️ Picked up a long sleeve shirt too!

Next stop for the day, went to Kodiak Community College where we went and saw a Snowy Owl, short but sweet little speech on the history of the Snowy Owl.

Next stop we went and checked out Mill Bay Beach, took some pictures. Nestled in the trees is a great area for a picnic and a couple of fire pits for a nice camp fire 🔥

Next we went up the road just a little further to a hidden park on Otmeloi Rd with a hidden slide, so of course I had to try it out! 😃

Lastly for the day went across the bridge to the island to take the official I work at Trident Photo.

…and a photo of me trying to hold the windmills 😆 it was a fun hour and a half getting some more super quick sightseeing in. 8 days til my next stop.

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