Kodiak Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year I was in Kodiak instead of at home with my mom! She has been the biggest supporter in all my crazy adventures and my best friend! It was definitely different being away from home.

The ladies at work gathered around and had a Mother’s Day lunch in the upstairs break room at work. Yes we had to work, because the fishing business there are no days off. Everyone brought their favorite dish from baked salmon, shrimp, rice dishes, and desert 💕 Trident workers act as a family and it is so nice working for a place like this!

I’ll add some more pics later 😃

After work we attended Kodiak Annual Halibut Dinner fundraiser for Kodiak High School softball team. They did such an amazing job with the decorations and presenting the food 🙂 Trident donated all the Halibut which was awesome and delicious of course 😉

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