Kodiak March 2019

Been here a little over a week. I am settled into my one bedroom apartment.

Got to work downstairs for little bit and feel what the fish processors go through 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Makes me really appreciate my office job. Haven’t had much time to see and do stuff here as I too am on the 7-12 shift as well. Was in bed for 3 days with the flu and sinus infection. So that was fun.

Last week, my boss, a couple of coworkers and I took a walk down to the Lighthouse. A little sushi restaurant over looking the water. It was beautiful! Only had time to grab this picture though.

Took a walk over to the marina, where hundreds of fishing boats were parked and grabbed this picture along with the mountains in the back. Been nice the last couple days still a little cold, but nothing this Washington girl can’t handle.

A little history behind one of the canneries that I work on, it is an actual ship. I couldn’t get the whole ship in the picture. Top of the ship is used as bunkhouses and the inside of the ship it’s used for processing fish.

On 11 March 1954, she was struck from the Naval Register. In 1964, she was sold for commercial service, converted for use as a fish cannery ship, and renamed Star of Kodiak. Though currently landlocked, Star of Kodiak is still in use as the home of Trident Seafoods.

Hoping to get out soon and see more of Kodiak, maybe even see a Bear 🐻

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