Journey Begins

Sitting here at the airport waiting for the next chapter of my life to begin! Excited, Nervous, and Optimistic. Last night at the hotel I was staying at had fire alarms going off about 10pm. False alarm, somebody pulled the alarm in the parking garage. Just had fallen asleep too!

Just landed in Anchorage, beautiful sunrise this morning from the plane. Sun is out 31 degrees ☀️

Off to Sand Point next in a much smaller plane ✈️

Below is a picture of the plane that brought us to Sand Point with mountains behind it!

Made it to Sand Point a little colder, cloudier, starting to snow a little bit. Managed to find a spot to buy a little bit of WiFi 😃 people here have been nice and welcoming. The room nice, about the size of a small studio apartment. Excited to have my own bathroom. Food was actually pretty delicious, had salmon for lunch, chicken for dinner. Oh and there are so many 🦅 eagles everywhere! Anyway enough for now, going to get settled in and hopefully have a good nights rest 🙂

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